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Green edges

This 30s family home had recently undergone a programme of modernisation and the design aims to connect the garden with this new style and link the house to its natural surroundings. Rocky edges, striking angles and nature's greening were used as the inspiration for the soft and hard landscaping.

Basalt paving and cladding is used as a contrast to the rendered partitions which mark the level changes across the length of the site. Angular raised beds cascade down through the garden allowing subtle variations of planting to flow through the space. Silver birch trees provide height, dappled shade and privacy, and bring nature right up to the back door.

Each level has a slightly different atmosphere and supports different uses; a terrace for dining, an area for reading and reflection, a space round a firepit for socialising and a green-roofed studio for work, yoga or a teenager's den.


Urban Family Garden


Forest Hill, London


March 2016

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