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Sculpted nature

A naturalistic style garden created to showcase a modern Huf Haus that overlooks a golf course. Inspired by the local landscape and the sculptural quality of nature, the aim of this design was to craft a peaceful setting for the house by capitalising on the far-reaching borrowed views across the fairway, whilst providing privacy from close neighbours and the busy main road.

The approach begins with intrigue as a sweeping drive radiates round a grassy pine-topped knoll to gradually reveal the entrance to the house. This striking landscape feature presents a superb opportunity for atmospheric lighting at night. Curves flow through the garden to create a sense of rhythm and movement. This effect is emphasised by a reflecting pool which almost completely surrounds a separate area designed for entertaining and relaxation, with its own bespoke grass-roofed garden studio.

The colour palette for the planting references the purples and yellows of the Surrey heathland. Individual plants were selected for their structure, to provide sculptural showpieces in the garden – emulating the horizontal mounded forms of a weathered pine canopy or the vertical forms of silver birch stems. 


Huf Haus Garden


Foxhills, Surrey


February 2016

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