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Nature as sculpture

Situated in a unique location overlooking a deep wooded valley, the site was gifted with stunning views and this design was driven by the desire to carve out a definite garden space that had a different feel from the natural landscape that surrounded it. The owners love of art and sculpture inspired a theme for how the space should be laid out; to frame views and provide different backdrops where sculpture could be positioned for maximum impact. 

As a response to the way dry limestone walls weave through the local landscape, a curved wall with moongate was used to create two distinct spaces; an inner garden that enhanced the area outside of the guest accommodation – crowned by a beautiful beech tree, and an outer garden that has the openness of nearby meadows and upland pasture. Here a reflection pool reminscent of a dew pond is a feature of an oval lawn. It offers a new way to enjoy the sunset when viewed from a raised seating area found up an elegant flight of grassed steps. A row of silver birch trees at the top of a grass ampitheatre line a woodland path that leads back to the inner garden.


Hillside Haven


Via Gellia, Derbyshire


September 2016

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